(Content warning: suicide)

It took me thirteen years after her death to gather the courage to read my mum’s diaries. I read them in fragments, over the course of a year.

She took her own life, and obviously her death was tragic and heartbreaking, full of regrets and guilt. I…

Originally published in Clean Slate magazine: 2019

Wildfires, drought, hurricanes, flooding — the impacts of our emissions are impossible to ignore. Tanya Hawkes looks at how plans can be made for an uncertain future.

The climate is changing. The 2018 ‘Special Report on 1.5°C’ from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate…

What lessons can we learn from history to create future low carbon jobs?

(originally published in Clean Slate magazine, Oct 2020)

Just Transition is a principle, a process and a practice.” Just Transition Alliance

The end of an era

In 1982 my Dad walked out of the gates of Gloucester Iron and Steel Foundry for the last time. He, along with hundreds of other men and their families, were left searching for scarce ‘low skilled’ work…

by Tanya Hawkes


Steve’s insomnia forced him out of bed and into St Mary’s far too early. His pupils’ feigned mock surprise when they found him already there, shovelling the allocated ration of wood chips into the boiler.

“Hey Steve, did you forget to go home?” Charlie shouted. Others sniggered. …

Tanya Hawkes

Memoir, climate change, politics and dogs! Pub: Lumpen Journal, Palgrave, Dog International, Zero Carbon Britain

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